Sep 13, 2017

internet censorship - HuffPost internet censorship Brazil Judge Orders Netflix To Scrap Film Depicting Gay Jesus “The First Temptation of Christ” was censored for the benefit of "Brazilian society … French internet censorship rose sharply in 2016 Jan 24, 2017

Internet censorship in Cuba - Wikipedia

Internet Censorship: A Threat to Economic Progress in The tireless attempts to maintain power over citizens through Internet regulation and censorship may actually be threatening the economic power of the nation in an increasingly technological world. The Chinese government may soon discover that when you hold on to something too tightly, it is far more likely to slip right out of your hands. Internet censorship in Cuba - Wikipedia

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France Goes Full-Throttle for Censorship | Lee Duigon May 27, 2020 Mark Zuckerberg -- Facebook Founder Calls for ‘Clear