Chromecast devices occasionally generate large amounts of traffic after returning from sleep states. This traffic can be misread by routers as malicious and block traffic on the Wi-Fi network. Workaround: Consistent device connection should be restored by turning off their Chromecast and Google Home devices when they are not in use, instead of

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When you first set up a new Chromecast, you have the option to give it a name. This is how the Chromecast identifies itself on the network and to casting devices, which is how you know which unit you’re casting to. But if your Chromecast started life as “Living Room Chromecast” and you moved it to another room, it only makes sense to change its name. It’s a quick and easy process Sep 12, 2017 · How To Change Your Chromecast's Wifi Network - Duration: 1:48. StikeTech 344,601 views. 1:48. Trying to Setup ChromeCast on Different Network without Factory Reset Device - Duration: 6:28. When you Factory Reset Chromecast, all your network settings will be lost and you will have to connect back to Home WiFi Network by following steps as provided in this Chromecast Setup Guide. 1. Factory Reset Chromecast on Android Phone. The easiest way to Reset Chromecast is by using Google Home App on your Android Phone. 1. Feb 05, 2019 · Once you’ve made your selection, click “Continue” and then plug in the credentials for the Wi-Fi network you wish to connect the Chromecast to. If you have multiple Wi-Fi networks in your home, be sure to put the Chromecast on the Wi-Fi network you normally use on your phone or tablet, because that’s what you’ll be casting from.

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