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Is accessible @ https://citrix.hs.uab.edu outside the UABHS internal network without establishing a VPN connection Encrypts and secures all Citrix traffic routed through it with SSL/TLS Welcome to the CAS IT Helpdesk. CAS IT is your one-stop-shop for all of the technology needs in the College of Arts and Sciences at UAB. For all faculty and staff within the College, CAS IT should be your first call for any technology related questions. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. In an effort to protect UABHS information systems, UABHS employs RSA SecurID two-factor authentication tokens. The following resources are available for UABHS token customers.

The VPN is only required to access certain applications, it is not needed for access to Banner, O365, Webmail, Box or other common work tools. Accessing the VPN. Accessing the UA VPN requires use of the Cisco AnyConnect application which can be found in the Tech tab of myBama. Use one of the guides below for further instruction.

A VPN establishes a private, encrypted network connection over the internet. In other words, it enables data to travel through a protected tunnel, from the end user’s device to the corporate network. As Cisco explains, one can think of a VPN as a protected extension of the main corporate network, accessible from outside of the main office. UAB is under a limited business model, and during this time UAB IT's Service Level Agreements may be temporarily adjusted as we work on critical business functions. United Airlines SSL VPN The entire process will take approximately 1 minute, depending on your connection speed. If a security box appears, you must click Yes to approve the security certificate to initiate the download of the required ActiveX control. UAB Campus VPN is not needed to access library resources, and in some cases, it prevents access. If you are experiencing access issues and using the VPN, please disable the VPN, clear your cache, and try the link again. If you still cannot access the resource, please contact us through one of our online support services.

> What is the VPN (Virtual Private Network Service) at the UAB and how do I configure my computer to access?* Virtual Private Networks Service(VPN) allows users to work remotely UAB resources that normally must be accessed from machines of the University. With this service, your computer will operate as if located on campus.

Have some questions about Scholars@UAB? Click Here to go to Profiles Help. Click Here to sign-up for Profiles Training. (Links Only Works on Campus or via VPN.) If you are new to Profiles, login and begin by looking at your publications. On the opening screen, the system will prompt you to Claim or Reject publications. Posted by: DMcLean@uab.edu VPIT is aware of AT&T users experiencing performance issues with the campus VPN. Network Services is investigating with SoXs (UAB's Internet provided) possible solutions. VPN Colaboradores Para se ligarem por VPN à rede UAb os colaboradores deverão proceder à configuração do seu equipamento pessoal, instalando a aplicação cliente (GlobalProtect). Se pretenderem aceder ao posto de trabalho necessitam ainda de solicitar aos serviços de informática, via endereço de suporte, a ativação do RDP no seu