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Why is bbc iplayer app no longer avalible via the store Original Title: bbc iplayer . hi. on my old laptop running windows 8 I was able to download bbc iplayer app direct from the store. on my new laptop windows 10 its not there. I can download programes via bbc player downloads but have to do that via browser. why is bbc iplayer app no longer avalible via the store when bbc iplayer downloads is BBC iPlayer: How to use BBC iPlayer – Do you need to pay Oct 16, 2018 BBC iPlayer problem on Sony TV — Digital Spy How do you stream an iPlayer programme and not download it. I currently navigate to the programme and when it is highlightedI press OK and it starts to play, I don't know of any other way to do it. I also have a Humax Fox T2 and I can use iPlayer on this without any problem, but navigating through the iPlayer menus is painfully slow.

I have been downloading BBC Iplayer programs on my netbook with windows 7 starter for several years now. A few weeks ago it stopped working. The program I want appears in the BBC Iplayer download box but the download doesn't begin. I checked the iplayer log and get this message "Unable to find any media that needs to be downloaded.".

Mar 01, 2020

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