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a channel buffer for just one value, the rest are stored in the internal buffer (slice). The following code seems to work in some cases, but not others:

A buffered channel can only be set unbuffered if the channel's internal buffers have been flushed. Newly created channels or channels which have returned G_IO_STATUS_EOF not require such a flush. For write-only channels, a call to g_io_channel_flush() is sufficient.

It's a core concept of Go's channels (or other CSPimplementations such as Clojure's core.asynclibrary) that they are blocking. In general, as you already mentioned, there're two types of channels: bufferedwhich block if the buffer is full.

By default channels are unbuffered, meaning that they will only accept sends (chan <-) if there is a corresponding receive (<- chan) ready to receive the sent value.Buffered channels accept a limited number of values without a corresponding receiver for those values. Buffered Channels and Worker Pools - golangbot.com The capacity of a buffered channel is the number of values that the channel can hold. This is the value we specify when creating the buffered channel using the make function. The length of the buffered channel is the number of elements currently queued in it. A program will make things clear 😀 Buffered Channels - A Tour of Go Sends to a buffered channel block only when the buffer is full. Receives block when the buffer is empty. Modify the example to overfill the buffer and see what happens. < 3/11 > buffered … Go: Buffered and Unbuffered Channels | by Vincent Blanchon Jul 17, 2019