FL MGUARD LIC FW/VPN RD. License for activating the firewall/router and VPN redundancy function on an FL MGUARD device pair. QUICK VIEW. FL MGUARD LIC LIFETIME FW.

FL mGuard series protect industrial networks with powerful, flexible, and fast firewalls. Easy and secure Internet connections to remote sites are available via VPN (Virtual Private Network). These devices have Class I, Division 2 approval for use in hazardous locations. Jul 22, 2013 · The FL mGuard product line from Phoenix Contact provides industrially rated security functions including firewall, routing and VPN to industrial networks. These high level Layer-3 networking functions are essential for protecting your industrial network from both malicious attacks and accidental interruption, as well as connecting to office or IT-networks and providing secure, fast Security Appliance - TC MGUARD RS4000 4G VPN . Security appliance, WAN and 4G mobile network interface, SD card slot, 10 VPN tunnels, intelligent firewall with full scope of functions, router with NAT/1:1 NAT, optional CIFS Integrity Monitoring, 4-port Managed Switch, 2 SIM card slots Using Phoenix Contact’s FL mGuard, an OEM or equipment supplier can create a virtual private network (VPN) tunnel from their end customer / machine site back to their central location. This allows for direct and secure communication facilitating new program updates, diagnostic and troubleshooting tasks, and other remote maintenance functions.

7961_en_01 INNOMINATE Legal information “Innominate” and “mGuard” are register ed trade names of Innominate Security Technologies AG. mGuard technology is protected by patent numbers 10138865

The mGuard at City Hall was plugged into the local network and had the SCADA’s server sitting behind it. With the webserver sitting behind the firewall, it is able to freely talk to each device on the plant networks via the IPsec VPN tunnels. 2017-11-10 PHOENIX CONTACT 107323_en_02 Installation, Configuration and Usag e of mGuard device manager (mdm) Version 1.9.x UM EN MGUARD DM 02 — This User Manual is valid for FL MGUARD DM 1.9.x when using devices of the mGuard product FL MGUARD Router with Firewall and 2 VPN Tunnels, 2 RJ45 Ethernet Ports Download Datasheet. RoHS Compliant. SHARE. Or copy this link to share: Copied to clipboard. Router - TC MGUARD RS4000 3G VPN - 2903440 Technical data Ambient conditions Altitude 5000 m (For restrictions see manufacturer's declaration) Degree of protection IP20 General Electrical isolation VCC // PE Test voltage data interface/data interface 1 kV (50 Hz, 1 min.) Test voltage data interface/power supply 1 kV (50 Hz, 1 min.)

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Stay tuned // We are working to make mGuard Secure Cloud available for selected countries in the Asia Pacific region in 2020. VPN Troubleshooting 108417_en_00 PHOENIX CONTACT 3 1.1.1 The following situations may occur In the following chapters Initiator stands for the mGuard device which initiates the VPN connection, Responder for the mGuard device which waits for the VPN connection. If the establishment of the ISAKMP SA or IPsec SA fails (2 and 3), in most cases the VPN -mGuard Secure VPN Client: The new mGSVC is a Phoenix Contact IPsec client compatible with all mGuard firmware and developed for the use with the mSC. It is compatible with both basic and advanced situations and supports going through a Proxy and using alternate VPN ports. Download the 30-day-free-trial of the mGuard Secure VPN Client here Aug 05, 2013 · Phoenix Contact offers rugged, industrially rated security devices that provides stateful firewall, routing functionality, NAT'ing and VPN for secure remote connection to industrial applications. FL MGUARD PCI(E)4000 FL MGUARD PCI(E)4000 Table 9-1 Currently available products Product designation Phoenix Contact order number FL MGUARD PCI4000 2701274 FL MGUARD PCI4000 VPN 2701275 FL MGUARD PCIE4000 2701277 FL MGUARD PCIE4000 2701278 Product description The FL MGUARD PCI(E)4000 has the design of a PCI-compatible plug-in board.